Alain Picard, CPS

Expressing mood and emotion through color. Playing radiant light against shadow. Sculpting form and celebrating marks with bold, painterly strokes that dance across the surface. These are the things that keep me coming back to the easel over and over to experience the beauty and wonder of pastel. Any subject, from landscape to still life, figure, and portrait, can become a playground where the pursuit of curiosity leads to exciting new discoveries.

Alain is a sought-after portrait, figure, landscape, and still life painter whose work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and China. A signature member of the Pastel Society of America and IAPS Master Circle Recipient, Alain has created numerous books and video lessons to share his passion for painting in pastel. He teaches workshops all over the world and online, empowering artists to develop their creative potential so they can make a bigger impact through their art.

Alain has helped thousands of students learn a looser, more expressive approach to pastel through online courses and workshops. He now leads the Cultivate Membership Community, a monthly membership for pastel artists. Alain makes his home in Connecticut with his wife and two sons.

Published Books:
Beginning Drawing, Walter Foster Publications
Mastering Pastel, Walter Foster Publications
Pastel Basics, Walter Foster Publications