Connecticut Pastel Society Scholarship

In support of our mission to educate the public and promote pastels as a medium, the Connecticut Pastel Society provides scholarships to aspiring pastel artists. For example, one $500 scholarship was awarded in 2019. This program is open to all non-professional members of CPS, 16 years of age and older and working specifically in the soft pastel medium. Those interested in applying for the scholarship must meet the following qualifications:

Applicant requirements
1. Non – professional. Not represented by a gallery
2. Has not won any national or international awards nor been featured in any national publications
3. Not a signature member of any artist societies
4. A membership in Connecticut Pastel Society – required
5. State residency not required
6. 16 years of age or older

All applications for qualified applicants require the following two items.

1. Portfolio images
Work must be original, not copied from works or photography by others and not done in any classroom or workshop, nor under supervision of an instructor. Work must be predominately 80% soft pastel and not painted over a mechanical reproduction or collage.

Submit 3 works in jpg format. Crop out any framing. Resize images to 900 pixels on the longest side. Resolution 300 dpi. Name and save the file with this naming protocol: LastName_First initial_title.jpg (ie:Smith_C_SunnyDays.jpg). Save as a high quality jpg.

2. Personal Statement
Please submit an essay of your interest and desire for future activity.  (PDF format)

To submit your application, send all materials by email to and be sure to put “CPS Scholarship Application” in the subject line.

Award specifics
1. $500
2. Award may be used towards any workshop with any pastel artist of applicant’s choosing, pastel classes at locally recognized schools or with professional artist offering pastel lessons. Award will be split between workshop (75%) and supplies (25%) Monies will be paid by CPS directly to the workshop. The 25% of the $500 that may be used for supplies will be reimbursed only after the artist submits receipts.
3. One award per year. Award recipient cannot apply for another scholarship for 3 years.
4. Award will be announced at one of our exhibitions. Applicants will be notified of acceptance ahead of time.
5. Application deadline will be announced when the program is able to continue.