Linda Sheppard

“Most of these works tell stories about people and places. My desire is to capture the subject’s inner spirit. If I achieve that, you may see into that spirit, too, and may find something of yourself as well.”
– Linda Sheppard, fine artist

Linda Sheppard is an experienced professional artist, art instructor in portrait and figure painting, and public speaker on the integration of her art life and her faith walk. She was director and art teacher of her own “after school” art school for young people, first grade through high school. She has taught art workshops for art groups and has held numerous solo shows throughout the United States. She now focuses on portrait commissions and painting people who inspire her with the good they do with their lives. Currently, she is mentoring students one at a time, to help them paint more intuitively.

She has received an award from the National Endowment of the Arts for her creative teaching.

For the past four years Linda taught private lessons in portrait and figure drawing in pastels to a home schooled student . The 18 year old student recently was awarded a scholarship to the 2013 Portrait Society of America Conference in Atlanta.


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