Jane Penfield

“I had the tremendous good fortune to receive a liberal arts education at Mount Holyoke College, a place that nourished me intellectually and artistically, helped form my values, and taught me that women can be leaders whatever field they choose. I majored in music, later earned a masters degree, and spent many years as a choral director and also as a director of non-profit arts organizations.

Studio art first found me during my senior year of college. Then life, jobs, children intervened, and finally I made the conscious decision to focus on art, specifically pastel and oil painting. Like meeting a long-lost relative for the first time, I recognized the same elements familiar to me in music: composition, form, tonality, harmony, form, rhythm, and dynamics. My habits of study, and practice haven’t changed much. Painting, like conducting a choir, involves starting from scratch, observing, identifying problems, fixing them, and always trying to make it better, in order to create and present something beautiful in the end.”

Email: jane@janepenfield.com
Website: http://janepenfield.com/

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