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View with model; Clay is about to solidify the blouse and add to the background.

March, 2013 Demo by Clayton Buchanan

CPS hosts a number of pastel demos throughout the year.
The images below are from our last event by Clayton Buchanan, PSA on March 23, 2013.

For those of you who want to see the demo again or, were not able to attend Clay’s pastel demo at Gallery 53, Meriden, CT, please click on the images for enlargements.

Some notes about Clayton Buchanan’s presentation:

Clayton began by explaining that his early training had been in a traditional and tonalist style. However, when he sought the influence of more colorful painters on the Cape, he found what he was looking for. He studied with Henry Hensche on the Cape for a few years and enthusiastically adopted the colorist approach. His work is primarily portraits and figures, though he does like to mix in still life and landscape painting as well.

Clay works with Unison pastels, and for this demo he used UART paper. His model was CPS member Mally DeSomma, PSA.

Rather than beginning with a sketch of the head, Clay demonstrated his colorist approach from the start by laying in some patches of warm and cool colors to indicate the primary focus of the painting on the model’s face. (Additional notes accompany the pictures.)nulled script