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Jimmy Wright – Still Life – October 2009

CPS hosts a number of pastel demos throughout the year.
The images below are from our last event by Jimmy Wright on Oct 25, 2009.

For those of you who want to see the demo again or, were not able to attend Jimmy’s pastel demo at the Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT, please click on the images for enlargements.

Some notes about Jimmy Wright’s presentation:

The flower is has been his muse for a while. The series started after a sunflower dried in a particularly interesting manner with its petals twisted into interesting forms. This seminal piece was a radical departure from his previous work which was more muted. Jimmy feels his works nod towards abstraction; he uses the flower to launch his imagination, he is not interested in a true representation or the light source, instead, he seeks to interpret the form, Citing his sources of inspiration he mentioned El Greco, particularly the draperies, and Roman and Greek art; he collects books on Pompeii as these have the best frescoes, he opined. He also admires the work of De Kooning. (Additional notes accompany the pictures.)