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Anne Heywood – Landscape – November 2011

CPS hosts a number of pastel demonstrations throughout the year.

The images below are from our last event by Anne Heywood on November 13, 2011.

For those of you who want to see the demo again or, were not able to attend Anne’s pastel demo at the Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT, please click on the images for enlargements.

Some notes about Anne Heywood’s presentation:
Anne draws inspiration from landscape scenes, especially in Maine. She often paints on location to create sketches and reference materials for her studio work; she also uses her own photographs in the studio. After experimenting with numerous underpainting techniques, Anne has discovered that she enjoys using Minwax water-based stains for their rich, deep qualities. They bond well with the paper and leave substantial ‘tooth’ available for the pastel. For today’s demo, she chose to work on Wallis paper, and she primarily goes in directly with soft pastel even to start the piece. (Additional notes accompany the pictures.)