2013 Renaissance in Pastel Award Winners

Open to all artists nationally and internationally working in pastel. This year we host the 20th Annual National Exhibition (2013)
at the Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT, from Oct 10 – Nov 17. 

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Remarks by the 2013 Jurors:

This year’s CPS exhibition is exceptionally strong containing both strong bold large scale works and small quite intimate pastels. Both a high level of personal artistic development and technical mastery of the medium are evident throughout the exhibited works. The works that stood out to this award juror were the pastels that successfully blended inspiration with skillful technical execution to create a work that went beyond the conventional.
– Jimmy Wright   PSA President

It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to be an Awards Judge for the CPS Exhibition at the Slater Museum in Norwich, CT. Our objective in choosing the winners was to look for works that were out of the ordinary in spirit, design, composition and color. It was difficult to make these decisions since there are so many beautiful paintings in this exhibition!
– Rae Smith   PSA Former President

Our grateful thanks to the many generous businesses and individuals who have contributed awards to our organization. Your support of the arts is greatly appreciated.