2009 Renaissance in Pastel Award Winners

Open to all artists nationally and internationally working in pastel. This year we hosted the
16th Annual National Exhibition (2009)
at the Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT, from Oct 2 – 25.

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Remarks by the 2009 Jurors:

I begin by borrowing the judging criteria of Leonardo Da Vinci – 1. Unity of design; 2. Unity of light; 3. Unity of movement. Additionally, I emphasize the quality of light, harmonies of focus, color, value, and touch. With pastel as an indication of expression, the manipulation of material and most important, psychological effect, I look for quality and originality of the idea of the painting. This show offers an exciting array of artistic variety.
– David Dunlop
I was impressed by the high level of skill and artistry in the pastel painting of the members of the Connecticut Pastel Society. The wonderful color, the various textures, and the subtlety of form represented in the broad spectrum of subject matter are testimony to the power and versatility of the medium. Congratulations to all!
– Janet Monafo