2009 CPS Member Show Award Winners

Open to all members working in pastel. This year we hosted the 23rd Annual Member Show at Gallery 53 in Meriden, CT, from March 7 – March 28, 2009.

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Remarks by the Awards Judge:
My first impression of a painting sets the stage. Does it work coherently? The workable elements I look for are: composition/design, subject matter, color/value contrasts, light condition, structure/volume, aerial/linear perspective, proportion, emotional presence, pastel skill level, framing/presentation, and sometimes I experience that indefinable essence that grabs you without explanation. How these visual, technical and emotional elements come together in forming the painting is my judging criterion. I have difficult, but exciting, decisions to make in determining those who have done the better job. Artistic experience and openness to the varied talents in this member show have helped me make the deserved choices.
– Clayton Buchanan