2008 Renaissance in Pastel Award Winners

Open to all artists nationally and internationally working in pastel. This year we hosted the
15th Annual National Exhibition (2008)
in West Hartford, CT, from Oct 2 – 26.

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Terry Ludwig Pastels Award: Julie Hopkins

CPS Honor Award: Bill James

Hunter Editions Award of Excellence: Marie Sheehy-Walker

Richard Pionk Memorial Award: Clayton Buchanan

Jerry’s Artarama Award: Cameron Hampton

Winsor & Newton Artist Pastel Box Award: Stephanie Birdsall

Great American Pastels Award: Sam Goodsell

Daler-Rowney Award: Schroeven Verbiest

Canson Inc. Award: Christine Ivers

Pastel Etc. Girault Award: Susan A. Hollis

CPS Board of Directors Award: Gary Baughman

Allied Artists of America Award: Jeff Fioravanti

Pastel Painters of Maine Award: Steve Linde

Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod Award: Suzanne Siegel

Salmagundi Club Award: September McGee

Salter Award for Innovation: Jean Dalton

Verilux Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp Award: Peter Seltzer

HK Holbein Inc Award: Rhoda Yanow

Al Friedman Award: Paul Leveille

Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Award: Sangita Phadke

Dakota Art Pastels Award: Dick McEvoy

Franklin Alexander Memorial Award for Figures: Diana DeSantis

Levy DeMedici Award: Shauna Shane

Maryland Pastel Society Award: Phyllis Orem

Pastel Society of New Hampshire Award: Donna Rosetti-Bailey

Pastel Society of America Award: Kath DeWitt Hess

Philip Danylik Memorial Award: Alain Picard

UART Sanded Pastel Paper Award: Bob Palmerton

Remarks by the 2008 Jurors:

I am so happy to see these wonderful paintings – there are so many! It moved me to see how deeply involved with their subject these talented artists are. The free spirit in expressing their unique and personal view, whether using their hands loosely or with delicate precision makes the quality of art so high. It made me almost forget that I’m here as a judge! The 2008 Renaissance in Pastel Exhibition is truly remarkable.
– HongNian Zhang

What a wonderful array of talent! Being a juror for the 2008 Renaissance in Pastel Exhibition has been both an honor and a great challenge. The task of selecting certain paintings for awards was difficult since there were so many fine works to choose from. Within a broad range of styles and subjects, choices were made based on composition, scale, color relationships, edges and the use of pastel as a medium. The overall quality of the show is outstanding, and the award winners reflect a high level of skill and artistic vision.
– Lois Woolley